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Refrigerator Blast Kills 3 Of Family – Repair Your Refrigerator Now

July 5, 2014

Three members of a family were killed when a refrigerator compressor exploded in their house at Vilanthai village in Villupuram district in the wee hours of Tuesday. Police said P Kandavelu, 43, headmaster of a government school, his wife K Suganthi, 38, and mother P Parvathi, 70, a retired teacher, suffocated to death as thick smoke filled the house soon after the blast. While Kandavelu’s eldest daughter, K Malathi, 21, an engineering student, managed to get out of the house to seek help, his differently abled third daughter, K Sindhuja, 12, was trapped in the house and sustained minor injuries. Sindhuja is undergoing treatment in a government hospital. Police said Kandavelu, headmaster of a government primary school at Adurkelapakkam village, and his family members were sleeping when the blast occurred. Police suspect that the refrigerator connected directly to power socket without a stabilizer might have exploded due to high voltage, triggering a fire that was fuelled by the leaking gas from the compressor. The refrigerator was destroyed completely. Several household articles were destroyed in the fire but the house was not damaged.


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