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Commercial Refrigeration Parts & Compressors

February 14, 2013

commercial refrigeraton compressor repair

Installation, Maintenance and Services of commercial refrigeration should be carried out by trained and certified technicians. Commercial refrigeration are of many types including grocery and food freezers, fruit and beverages coolers, restaurant freezers or manufacturing industrial chillers. All units are of different specifications but capable enough to process water via evaporates and to maintain cooling effect. Proper tools selection is one of the identities of credible contractor or technician. You should have basic knowledge of common tools such as pliers, screw drivers, flashlights, telescopes, drills, levels, wrenches and make sure you re check all technician tools before they going to initiate maintenance or other services work. Lets discuss about commercial refrigeration parts in detail:


Compressors are used to alter the level of pressure and temperature of air vapors and passed into the other refrigeration equipments. Model of refrigeration equipments are used to determine the size and location of compressor. If the refrigerator fail to kept stuff cool then you need to call refrigeration services. If a moderate temperature level is not maintained in a commercial refrigeration unit then check the level of average sub heating, sub cooling and temperatures operations as described in operation manual.


Fans are basic part of refrigerator and used for temperature regulations in all parts. If fans are malfunctioned then entire refrigeration operation gets effected. Fans should be cleaned, maintained and service on every month for smooth operations. Voltage needs to be sync with fans or use voltage reading device to provide enough power.

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