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Commercial Solar Heating for Industries

January 16, 2013

commercial solar heating systems

Solar panels are used to heat a commercial space through solar radiations. Solar air heating can be used in many ways. One type is solar thermal systems in which collectors are using sun`s radiations and transferred it directly to a storage medium of a system which is commonly known as “Rock Bin”. Solar panels are typical brain of solar heating systems. Solar panels conveyed solar heat into air. Other components which are using in commercial solar heating systems are solar collector panels, a duct system and diffusers. No limitation of fan in this system, heated air can be operating easily without fans by the process of a natural ventilation system on commercial roofs.

For agriculture industries, the food sometimes needs to be kept in warm places especially during the monsoons for preventing warms and other insects. Here solar air heating systems works perfectly well. It can raise the temperature of the room so that it is appropriately heated. In this way the products can stay safe and will not get spoiled because of the humidity.

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