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Commercial Underfloor Heating – Categories and Features

January 9, 2013

underfloor heating categories

Underfloor heating systems can be categorized in three different units for efficient, cost effective and eco friendly purpose.

1)      Electrical Heating Systems:

This type of systems features an electric cable mat affixed under the floor. Electricity is use for the production of heat. Many commercial and industrial clients prefer it for extremely effective needs.

2)      Hydraulic Heating Systems:

Also known as water pipe systems. These units are affordable and cost effective amongst all types of systems. Hot water is used as a source of heating and produce desired warmth in room. Cluster of pipes are generally installed beneath the floor and when water passes, it generates heats on the floor. You can use alternate energy such as wood, solar energy, gas and water and that makes it a complete eco friendly heating system.

3)      Air Heated Systems:

Like hydraulic systems, these also include a network of pipes inside the floor. The hot air gets circulated through the pipes to keep the floor warm but it`s not very popular and it`s not very cost efficient as well.



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