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What Costs You Ultimately in Commercial Heating/Refrigeration Service – Part 2

January 2, 2013

Commercial heating system costs

Diversify your contractor’s mind for selecting the equipments brands and types of materials for installation or repair. If you don’t get the idea of equipment selection then mark it immediately as a Red flag. Choose another contractor and stand by your decision. Selection of HVAC or refrigeration quotes is just up to your demands. Don’t let it down by giving free hands to Unprofessional contractors and choose your desired or alternate HVAC quotes. “An Educated Consumer is Our Best Customer” and yeah that slogan works for smart consumers. Learn technical knowledge as much as you can so that no one tries to ditch you in black cave.

Get Proposal from all contractors with essential information and legalese it in an understandable presentation. Try to create inspection sessions of systems once a while with local municipal mechanical inspector or Fire Chief but don’t rely too much on the rubber stamp approval for regular maintenance work. Read more

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