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What Costs You Ultimately in Commercial Heating/Refrigeration Service?

December 31, 2012

Commercial_Heating_New Jersey

If the Contractor won’t properly do the job then you need action items on following notes:

Extra fuel or too much electricity will be consumed , read more.

System will never work correctly and need quick service

Costs of Consequential damage

Costs of Civil litigation

Accurate cost of installed/service system will not be represented

Dangerous for environment

The building owner will pay more with money, time and stress.

Here`s what you need to do before hiring any contractor:

Research HVAC contractor’s background; ask for references or testimonials, websites or look for reviews.

You must hire those who does and install own designs of systems. If things go wrong after service or installation then they are solely responsible for the system performance. Make sure you get a copy of system`s heat loss calculations in your record If they fail to offer you a copy then kick them before you hire them. Make sure that you speak directly with the installing contractor or technician, not ask technical details with marketing or sales persons during service.


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