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Mechanicals Reasons of Fuel Consumption – Part 2

December 27, 2012


Unable to set up combustion process to achieve highest level of CO2 and oxygen smoke with net stack temperature including draft levels that had been intended by manufacturer. High stack temperature (above ideal condition) leads too much heat wasted from the chimney. Combusted fuel process fails if CO2 percentage is too low or below from ideal condition. Boiler/Furnace will shoot up easily if smoke test combust too much smoke. 1/8″ of soot height is equivalent to an inch of fiberglass insulation as discussed in part 1.

Don’t do insulation on heat exchanger, either way the heat exaggerating by combustion process will not transfer into heating sources such as air or water and likely will go up with excessive stack temperature into the chimney.If the burner output capacity is not equivalent to the boiler/furnace input capacity w.r.t BTUs then short cycling occur means burner will never shut off. If the temperature limits in boiler are incorrectly set during installation and furnace control is limited then too much fuel is consumed as a result.

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