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Mechanicals Reasons of Fuel Consumption in Heating Systems

December 24, 2012

Heating systems fuel consumption

Lack of determination and professionalism in calculation of heat loss before installation or too much guessing at BTU of heating units and radiation capacity goes undersized. Big boiler or furnace with short cycle consumes too much fuel. Small furnace or boiler will not adequately perform in large building; space will not reach to the desired temperature and thermostat will never be captivated. Results in optimal time difference of boiler`s shut down process and burn too much fuel.

Boiler/furnace was installed incorrectly and supply/return piping was in the wrong diameter plus ducts/diffusers sizes were incorrect. Installed Zones in units are too many or too few, and connected with too much of radiation capacity. Heat imbalance in building i.e: Forced hot water zone created by many baseboard radiations will ensue the spots, also cause excessive fuel consumption. More likely solutions is to split and create loops between zones. Absolute spaces are form by Uninsulated ducts/pipes. Prevent air escape in ducts by covering or seal it, and need to be insulated.

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