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Heating System Designers for Efficient Units – Part 3

December 19, 2012

Commercial HVAC DesignCommercial HVAC Design

If any of the steps outlined before are skipped, then it`ll leads to more operating and service costs. Primarily, Many hvac`s contractor wont design systems they are installing, equipment dealers do the needful and sometimes too much dependency on un experienced dealers didn’t come up with right calculations. Lots of work must be done in HVAC design as no one holding up the responsibilities if too big systems are in analysis Que and reserve almost 25% of work efficiency of system installation.

I can’t tell you how many commercial heating systems are inaccurately design and sized. I consult them every week. Abnormal system design ratio is far high then normal designs. Mark my words, many heating systems are incorrectly design and consumed too much of fuel capacity. Many fuel companies are playing their part in this game by promoting low quality fuel products in market. But not all fuel companies’ hands are in mud. But I feel great amount of ignorance and unethical dedications in hvac designs.

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