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Heating System Designers for Efficient Units

December 13, 2012



HVAC Designer needs to extract all working construction drawings sets including floor and roof plans, elevations and terrains drawings, window or door insulation schedules and orientation of geographical land. All drawings and necessary analysis data are used in heat loss calculation software by hvac designers. The software give estimations of BTUs/hour required for building on the coldest day and will split into “loads” by certain rooms. Selection of proper equipment based on fuel type is one of the major responsibilities of designers . “Net heating output” and how chimney will process ventilation by heating appliance. Such as sidewall-vented, power-vented or direct vented roof out of the building side. Quality and efficiency ratings of systems are also a part of designer`s responsibilities.

He will also accountable for pipe sizing and types, circulator performance audit (the ‘pump’ that moves hot water from the boiler to the terminal units) Types and sizes of flow control devices and terminal units; where circulator is like a pump that process hot water from boiler to the terminal points.

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