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Coils and Process Exchangers in Commercial HVAC

November 21, 2012

Newton`s law of cooling works in refrigeration and air conditioning principle. According to the law, temperature of a body is lowered down by removing heat from it. Coil exchangers are used for this process. Temperature relation between pressure and volume acknowledge this cooling theorem. Pipes are filled with liquid heat exchangers as discussed in previous post or gas in brazatek exchangers depending upon the cooling machine type. These are the basic pre-requisite for Commercial HVAC. Alloys of aluminum are used as structure material for brazetek exchangers in which tubes are joined by initiating brazing process. Many types of exchangers are available in market like tube socket shell, plate with pillow or simple plate, plate of fin, transfer or exchange of heat fluid plates.

Coils or air coils are also term as water to air heat exchangers. Coils are generally made up of aluminum alloy tubes, It`s react as perfect exchanger of heat. You can find many liquids in HVAC coils, i.e: Water glycols solution, coolant substance or any water steam. One behaves like a cooling coil and rests are heating-coil. In refrigeration and air conditioning, heat transferring process occurs with help of cooling coils. A boiler does the job of transferring the heat in heating coil.

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