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How to solve Water Leaking Problems in Commercial Rooftop Hvac Units

November 1, 2012

It is raining heavily in New jersey right now and every one aware of sandy destruction. Land line phones are ringing; not for any refrigeration or air conditioning, heating, but for roof water leaks. Ceiling tiles are perfectly stained in this season. The confusions and precautions about the causes for water leaks in roof top hvac got me thinking to write on this topic today.Water leaks during rain storms are one of the major problems. It’s a natural phenomena when if it`s raining and roof is leaking then everyone assume it must be a roofer`s issue. 90% of chances are very frequent in commercial buildings. If commercial rooftop hvac or air conditioners units are not installed properly then it can be plagued easily by leaking water. If that so, then most common DIY, figure it out where is water coming from? Read top reasons below:

One of the most common causes is cracked roof seams around the platform of installed unit. You can easily solved that problem by a roofer and avoid water leaks from HVAC Units. Properly installed hvac sit about 3 feet above the roof and platforms are covered by roofing material wraps up in vertical.  In that scenario, roofing material bends to vertical over maximum instance of time causes crack and finally roof leak. The solution is to apply patching i.e: Henry`s roofing tar.


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