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Bergen Commercial Systems Duct Design

October 10, 2012

Central HVAC is an easy answer to restrain indoor cooling and heating. System of ducts has been used to operate that dispense cool and dehumidified air to every corner of building. These are capable of climate and temperature control in both summer and winter.

Commercial systems use special ducts that provide average cooled or heated air to the rooms of building. These skillfully designed and constructed ducts are also one of the main parts of the air ventilation systems installed in large commercial buildings such as office buildings, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, 3 d cinemas, post offices and apartments. You can say these units are also called Proper air flow devices. Steel ducts are very common due to their durability and high quality material. These are so called arteries of commercial systems. Analyze your area weather before going to purchase duct material, it will be helpful for you to choose your duct material. Common ducts are made of two layers, metal sheet and then insulated layer. For longer durability and high level of rust protection, go for aluminum ducts.

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